Monday, June 8, 2009

Having the Family Together!

It's finally that time! Time that Jenna will be coming home for the summer! It's been since Christmas Day that the entire family has been together. On December 26th we took Jenna back to the airport to fly back to California and then to Arizona for Stanford Women's Crew winter camp. What a year she has had! I can't wait to spend time with her this summer and hear about some of her adventures! I am sure there may be some that I will NOT be allowed to hear about:) Noelle's busy working several places this summer. She's learning all about pruning and training grape vines at a vinyard north of here. Who'd have though - grapes and a wine industry in South Dakota? She's also working at our golf course and a restaurant in Brookings where she worked during the school year. She'll be a senior this fall, hard to believe that the time has gone so fast!
Ali is playing softball this summer and gearing up for various sheep shows and FFA events. She plays third base as well as being an occasional pitcher for her softball team.
Tori is working her way through driver's education this month! Scary - that we'll have all four of them driving! She's also playing softball this summer.
Jay and I ust got home from a vacation with friends about 10 days ago. It was our first vacation in almost 9 years! We headed to Wisconsin Dells and had a fabulous time. Highlights of our trip included a sunset cruise and a winery tour. Simply getting to spend time together without the worries of the remodel projet was a huge blessing!
There, now I've got you caught up on the family, a little bit at least! We'll head to the airport to pick up Jenna tomorrow - then the party will begin! I'll have all my girls together again!


Jenna Lea said...

I love you Mommy!

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Hey Linda,

Love your blog especially the bling on the borders :). It was awesome meeting you at NDDIDS. Hope we stay in touch.

Hugs Di